April 4, 2001

LIBBY ANSCHUTZ, who works for a venture capital firm, married Timothy Brown (Colorado State) last August in Denver, where the couple lives. Pictured are (l-r): Anne Austin '02, BART BANSBACH, SUZANNE TOMPKINS, Jon Nichols '95, SABRINA (BERRY) and NOAH PARSONS, Jeffrey Kreisler '95, DAVE NEWMAN, Sarah Anschutz Hunt '93, Trevor Brown '71, and Christopher Brown '97.

JENNIFER HUBBARD, in her final year at UVA medical school, and FRANK WINSLOW, vice president at local private equity firm Quad-C, married in Charlottesville, Va., last October. Pictured are (l-r): JANELLE SHIELD, TOM FLUMMERFELT and fiancÚ DAHLIA FETOUH, TREY TATE, AMY KOZIAK, ALLISON (SLATER) TATE, Oona Miller '97, GALEN RANSOM, RANDY BURT, PAUL HANSON, PAM COSSE, SHANAYA DEBOO, and JON DINWOODEY.

Finally, they called him Trent on TV's Law & Order, but we know him as TEMAI MYAMBO. Temai had several scenes in a February episode about a Real World-type reality show where a housemate is killed.

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